Sunday, 7 July 2013

You are the best, I accept, now leave attitude.

You are the best, I accept, now leave attitude.

We all want respect and want to avoid rude behavior but we face it. Why do people misbehave? There could be many reasons to explain misbehaving. Yet, four key reasons of misbehaving are attention, power, excitement and revenge. My focus is on the first one that is attention- more formally, attention deficient hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

People ...have an imaginary status in their mind; this is a different question whether this imaginary status is based on perception or reality. When people do not find their imaginary status in the society then they turn out to be rude.

Seeking attention for expected status is not necessarily an abnormality but the point is why people generalized their misbehaving for all. Some of the people give them their due respect and acknowledge their status. However, misbehavers usually do not make distinction while misbehaving. In practice, sometimes, people who give more respects, they receive more misbehaving-perhaps they appear as soft target.

Point: Misbehaving is itself bad but generalization of misbehaving is tremendously bad.

Question: Why do people generalize their misbehaving?

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