Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A paradox of time management

Time management is a difficult task to a varying degree everywhere in this world. In developing countries, one main reason for mismanagement of time is an absence of strong institutions.
While, in developed countries one main hindrance to time management is a presence of strong institutions.

In developing countries, day to day appointments, different tasks and assignments are delayed by weak systems and people find themselves in overlapping and appending jobs. Thus, time management becomes hard.

In developed countries, appointments/tasks are gradually being shifted on machines. The machines perform best if discrete solutions are required but perform poor when solutions for obscure matters are required. Since human is not a machine and subject to errors, nonetheless, machines do not accommodate efficiently natural errors of humans.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Different Levels of Friendship

Level 1: Salam Dua          (Interaction; Hello, Hi)                                                        0-0.1                                                                                    

Level 2: Salam Dua + Maamlat  (dealings)                                                                  0.1-0.3

Level 3: Salam Dua + Maamlat+ Sacrifice without any cost                                        0.3-0.5

Level 4: Salam Dua + Maamlat+ Sacrifice + cost but open option of refusal                0.5-0.7

Level 5: Salam Dua + Maamlat+ Sacrifice+ cost+ no refusal                                       0.7-0.8

Level 6: Salam Dua + Maamlat+ Sacrifice with cost+ no refusal+ intensity                    0.8-1

Things remain fine, if these levels keep fluctuating in-between zero and 0.8.

Problems arise when someone delivers at lower level but expects at higher level.

Problems disappear when someone delivers at the highest level but expects at the lowest level (ideally zero level).

Problems may arise when someone remained rigid on a specific level.

A good example is driving; an excellent smooth driving is that one which keeps changing the speed depending upon the condition of road.

Contribution in Life

Forces of construction and destruction are always at work. Which wins, does not matter as much as it matters where my contribution is plugging in.

One person can not change the world but one person can play his role best.


When I waste minutes, hours take revenge.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Shocks improve the quality of life

If there is no shock, life remains in a lock.

Importance of tolerance

It is not difficult to convert a negative into a positive, given that a high level of tolerance remains persistent.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Digital Communication and Misunderstanding

Since, digital communication (Phone, SMS, FB, Twitter, etc.) cannot match perfectly to ‘in person’ communication, an excessive rely on digital communication, without taking a proper combination of in person communication, causes misunderstanding.