Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Different Levels of Friendship

Level 1: Salam Dua          (Interaction; Hello, Hi)                                                        0-0.1                                                                                    

Level 2: Salam Dua + Maamlat  (dealings)                                                                  0.1-0.3

Level 3: Salam Dua + Maamlat+ Sacrifice without any cost                                        0.3-0.5

Level 4: Salam Dua + Maamlat+ Sacrifice + cost but open option of refusal                0.5-0.7

Level 5: Salam Dua + Maamlat+ Sacrifice+ cost+ no refusal                                       0.7-0.8

Level 6: Salam Dua + Maamlat+ Sacrifice with cost+ no refusal+ intensity                    0.8-1

Things remain fine, if these levels keep fluctuating in-between zero and 0.8.

Problems arise when someone delivers at lower level but expects at higher level.

Problems disappear when someone delivers at the highest level but expects at the lowest level (ideally zero level).

Problems may arise when someone remained rigid on a specific level.

A good example is driving; an excellent smooth driving is that one which keeps changing the speed depending upon the condition of road.

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