Friday, 10 April 2015

Actual vs. Perceived Stress: A dilemma of Sensitive People

Actual vs. Perceived Stress: A dilemma of Sensitive People

There are two types of stress: first is actual stress in the present moments for instance some failure, financial issues or health issue and so on.

Second is likely to occur in future that is perceived well in time by sensitive people since they have a good ability to perceive future prospects in advance.

Where a high level of sensitivity is helpful in resolving complex matters, it also becomes itself a problem.

For instance, a sensitive person perceives a likely problem 6 months in advance. This person will begin to take the stress of problem from today. The accumulated stress in advance may add up to let say -500 pressure on brain.

Now we assume that the actual problem will also cause -500 stress on brain. Then the sensitive person, in reality, has taken double load of the problem (-1000). On the other hand, the person who does not take stress in advance will only suffer from -500 stress.

It is also possible that in reality problem may not occur and in this case the stress cost will be zero for the person who did not begin to accumulate stress in advance.

Point: Do not take stress in advance, let the things go naturally.