Sunday, 7 July 2013

Records are Records

Records are Records
The economy of Pakistan is facing many daunting challenges such as fiscal deficit, trade deficit, low investment and stagnant economic growth. During the past five years, trends in public debt burden, investment and some other economic indicators have set the new records in the economic history of Pakistan.

1. Public debt: Rs 13.6 trillion (excluding current deal with IMF)
2. ...Money printing: Rs 800 billion
3. Corruption: Rs 700 billion- Rs 1500 billion
4. Payments against interest rate: Rs 1 billion
5. Currency devaluation: 66%
6. Public Sector Enterprises annual loss: Rs 5 billion
7. Fiscal deficit: 8%
8. Investment-GDP ratio: 12%

Where first seven economic indicators set the record from top and the 8th (investment-GDP ratio) set the record from bottom. Although these economic records do not represent desired achievements but records are records.


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