Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Has corruption decentralized in Pakistan?

Has corruption decentralized in Pakistan?

There are different figures of daily corruption in Pakistan ranging from 7 billion to 15 billion RS, according to different sources such as NAB, TI.

Pakistan’s annual GDP is around 2800B RS; however, annual corruption is greater than GDP. How is it possible? Where does money come from?

If a single person involves in bribery, let say, of 1 B RS then it is corruption of 1 billion and if many persons involve in bribery, let say again, of 1 B RS then corruption is sum of as many hands as people change to finalize the bribery process.

By all accounts, one thing is clear that corruption has accelerated in last few years. Now the question is that whether it is accelerated due to its decentralization nature. Can we say that now corruption has become democratic (awami)?

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