Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Silent Spectators on Face Book (FB)

Silent Spectators on Face Book (FB)

Where FB gave a unique opportunity of socialization to many users, it also gave a unique opportunity to silent spectators on FB to realign their social relations, to revise their judgments about friends and to update their friendship levels.

We can broadly make three categories of FB users: active users, moderate users and least active users. For third category, we can use the term of silent spectators.

These people randomly log in and quickly scroll pages for few minutes; they are expert in picking the best from a wide variety of uploads. Instead of writing a comment, they just smile and closely observe the behavior of other users from their posts and comments. Accordingly, they update their friendships levels and circles through silent observations.

The bottom line of this point is that people should be careful in uploading biased, emotional and discriminative posts/comments because many silent observers are closely watching them.

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